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Watchers of the Land

What does it mean to connect with your ancestral land? In the Northwest Territories of Canada, young people from the Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation journey across Tu Nedhé (Great Slave Lake) with the Ni Hat'ni Dene guardians to learn about the home that their community relies on—a home that's being opened up as a new national park reserve within the Thaidene Nene Indigenous Protected Area. Now, looking after this land means that the Ni Hat'ni Dene guardians are preserving it not only for

future generations here, but also for the world.

Thank you to Thaidene Nëné

Directed by: Christine Lin

Cinematography: Jeremy Liguori

Additional Camera: Christine Lin

Producer: Sophia Lebowitz

Sound & Post: Victoria Guillem

Co-Writers: Victoria Guillem & Sophia Lebowitz

Editor: Christine Lin

Composers: Pierce Constanti & Sophia Koenig Stone

Animation: Marisa Gershenhorn

Senior Advisors: Jeff Wells & Iris Catholique

Featuring: Iris Catholique, Denecho Catholique, Florence Catholique, Robin Catholique, James Marlowe, Laura Michel

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